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luoyang bearing science & technology co., ltd. is the only sci-tech listed technology company transformed from a national-level scientific research institute in bearing industry in china, subordinate to china national machinery industry is a leading company in technology innovation of chinese bearing industry and has accumulated rich experience in basic theory of rolling bearings, product design, application research, metallic material, thermal treatment, non-metallic material, special bearing material, lubricating material, bearing testing machine, test instrument, technological equipment and other aspects and had made a great number of research achievements; luoyang bearing science & technology can produce bearing products and components of various types with an inner diameter of 0.6mm and an outer diameter of 6300mm in batches. main business includes the research, development, production, and sale of precision bearings, special bearings, spindles of high-speed machine tools, special technological equipment and detecting instruments for bearing, and special bearing materials. the products of the company are widely applied in various fields such as aerospace, aviation, warship weapons, machine tools, wind power generation, mining metallurgy, petrochemical industry, medical devices, automobile and rail transit, engineering machinery, and textile.


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