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u.s. machine tool orders growth continues-凯时国际官网

17 jan,2018

november new-order volume fell below the october level, but manufacturers continue to demand capital equipment at a pace that well exceeds the year-ago and year-to-date pace.

new u.s. orders for machine tools and related capital equipment continued strong during november 2017, at $425.97 million nationwide, yet that total slipped 3.5% below the october result. amt – the assn. for manufacturing technology, which reported the results in its monthly u.s. manufacturing technology orders (usmto) report, emphasized the ongoing manufacturing expansion evident in the improved year-over-year and year-to-date order volumes.

compared to november 2016, the most recent new-orders volume represents an increase of 19.9%, and the january-november 2017 total represents an improvement of 9.4% over 2016.


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