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harp novelties: bearings with high temreture grease for reliability and durability of industrial equipment-凯时国际官网

08 feb,2018

the range of kharkov bearing plant (harp) was supplemented by new development of the enterprise – bearings 70-80315 with high temperature grease of german company klüber  lubrication, which were designed specially for application in large industrial mills.  

bearings 70-80315 with high temperature consistent grease klüber stabutherm gh 462 are able to substitute fully the bearings with anti-friction filler in dirty and high temperature conditions.       


the increased operation life of bearings boosts the efficiency and reliability of equipment, allows to avoid outages and reduce exploitation costs. one of the most important features of these bearings is a wide interval of working temperatures. they easily cope with loads at temperatures up to 180°с.  


harp bearings with grease klüber stabutherm gh 462 are also oxidation-resistant and provide reliable protection from corrosion. the grease itself differs by high adhesion and water resistance under static as well as dynamic loads, and reduces the bearings wear. due to perfect water resistance the costs for sewage treatment are decreased. the low grease consumption and small deterioration under high temperatures also encourages the reduction of operating costs.                 

according to production processes and general effectiveness point, the advantages of harp bearings with grease kluber stabutherm gh46 exceed the price of these bearings and thus the pay-off period is short.   


these bearings have been already applied in metallurgical industry. the pilot batch in amount of 100 pcs. was supplied to pjsc ilyich iron and steel works of mariupol. according to conclusion of the specialists, harp bearings underwent industrial test and gave a positive result.  


in addition to metallurgical enterprises, new bearings may be applied in mining and food industries; in the equipment for steel production, glass, cement, slate, brick, breeze blocks, fertilizers; in drying and hardening stoves, in conveyer systems, vacuum equipment. the field of application of new harp bearings is incredibly wide.             


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