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imts offers resources to rebuild the supply chain-凯时国际官网

03 jun,2020

for the manufacturing industry, “we’re all in this together” means rebuilding fragile supply chains and rethinking parts sourcing and production. to support these efforts, imts – the international manufacturing technology show has launched, an educational section of

content includes stories, videos, webinars and podcasts that provides the manufacturing industrial base, including oems and job shops, guidance on how to rethink, reengage and reestablish its supply chain. included are stories of how industry has responded and thought-provoking resources on the steps industry and government can take to ensure manufacturing self-sufficiency.

“the manufacturing technology community has a laser-like focus on rebuilding its supply chains, and we are dedicating significant resources to support their needs,” says peter r. eelman, vice president and cxo at amt – the association for manufacturing technology, which owns and produces imts.

“the microsite — rebuilding the supply chain — shows oems how to rethink their current operations, how they can reengage with suppliers and secure trading partners and how they can reestablish connections for a more localized industrial base.”

the site links to all covid-19 and rebuilding stories. it includes a brief history of why the supply chain disruption occurred, and imts has mapped out future content to show steps that can be taken to secure the supply chain moving forward.



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