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hyundai's new technology to help owners identify safety recalls-凯时国际官网

08 jun,2020

it a unique new feature which has been developed in-house by hyundai autoever america using rekor system’s license plate reader technology is currently available to us hyundai owners only.

south korean carmaker hyundai is launching license plate reader technology via a website which will help vehicle owners to access open safety recalls and service campaigns, as per automotive news report.

the website, when accessed through smartphones, allows vehicle owners to take a photo of their license plate. it then links the license plate number to the vin and displays all open safety campaigns for that vehicle.

owners can then schedule an appointment through the site for the necessary repairs at a hyundai dealership.

the feature currently available only to u.s. hyundai owners was developed in-house by hyundai autoever america using rekor system’s license plate reader technology.

the report quoted brian latouf, chief safety officer of hyundai motor north america saying that the technology fits into the company’s vehicular designs that aim to address “the before, during and after” of a crash.

“this is kind of one step of many different things we’re doing holistically for automotive safety,” he said.

as per latouf, the new technology is meant to get vehicles fixed as quickly and conveniently as possible and underlines hyundai’s emphasis on safety.


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