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10 jun,2020

nord drivesystems has launched a new surface protection program to streamline existing options and add additional selections to accommodate a wide range of demanding applications. this new format has a simplified naming convention and descriptions that outline the best use for each coating type. the expanded solutions include a new epoxy primer offering as well as options for multiple primer and/or topcoat configurations based on environmental demands.

basic - indoor installation

nord severe duty 2 (nsd2) - indoor installation and protected outdoor installation nord severe duty 3 (nsd3) - outdoor installation, city, and industrial atmosphere with low contamination nord severe chem duty 3 (nsdc3) - installations with normal chemical contamination nord severe food duty 3 (nsdf3) - food packaging areas nord severe duty 4 (nsd4) - outdoor installation, city, and industrial atmosphere with moderate contamination nord severe duty 5 (nsd5) - outdoor installation, city, and industrial atmosphere with high contamination

paints from nord can be ordered in over 100 standard colors or can be custom matched to your specifications. in addition to the primary paint options, nord offers a clear, antimicrobial topcoat that can be added to most finishes for even greater protection against damaging contamination and corrosion (excludes nord severe chem duty 3). 

nord also continues to offer it´s nsd tuph surface conversion product that can stand up to extreme environments with surface-converted housing components, din and stainless steel components, wash-down housing for the gear unit and motor, stainless steel shafts, and special shaft sealing rings. there is also an anti-static powder coating for drive electronics, making them incredibly resistant to impacts, scratches, harsh weather, and chemicals.


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