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11 jun,2020

winshuttle is pleased to announce a new partnership with the leader in intelligent document processing, abbyy, a digital intelligence company.
as part of this new alliance, winshuttle and abbyy will partner to help organizations deliver on their digital transformation go-live projects, which involves extracting data from physical documents and loading it automatically into sap. for example, thousands of the largest global companies who use sap to run their financial systems need to reduce the costs of processing invoices and increase its efficiency. abbyy flexicapture for invoices facilitates the capture of invoices, centralizes extraction and validation of data, and coupled with winshuttle, can perform straight-through processing of po-based invoices to sap.
“one of the most critical processes organizations are challenged with is automating its sap invoice processing due to the high level of manual work, multi-system participation and sap application complexity,” explains kristian kalsing, vice president of products and solutions at winshuttle. “customers will now have a solution with abbyy flexicapture for invoices on the front-end to capture, sort, extract and validate the data and winshuttle on the back end to collect, prepare and post single or batch invoices into sap - all while adhering to sap security and rules.”
“enterprises have the significant challenge of unlocking key information inside their business documents, such as invoices, orders, and other unstructured content, that are necessary for sap systems to process,” states bruce orcutt, senior vice president of product marketing at abbyy. “abbyy’s content intelligence technology and solutions provide the cognitive skills required to assist in automating content-centric processes. our partnership with winshuttle will be instrumental to customers who are processing documents and need to post it securely into sap.”

the technology partnership further strengthens winshuttle’s position as the premier supplier of sap automation and data management solutions and makes it easier for enterprise organizations to extend their automation footprint—not only realizing immediate productivity gains, but also enabling employees to focus on higher-value tasks.


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