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15 jun,2020

for those needing functionally safety-rated (fs) contamination-resistant encoders for machine feedback, amo - a heidenhain brand - introduces fs absolute angle and linear encoders. while functional safety-rated machines are a standard requirement in the european union, machine manufacturers outside the eu are now seeing the benefit of including fs in their machines.  with these encoders in use on fs-certified machines, a user can confidently operate in the area of this machinery knowing extra safety measures are in place for their benefit.

possible fs-machine applications include robotic shuttles, pick-and-place machines, agvs and both cnc & manual mills, lathes and grinders, among others. these fs amo absolute encoders are available in the wmka 2010 angle encoder and both the lmka 2010 (non-guided) and lmka 3010 (guided) linear encoders. 

these amo fs encoders are available with either endat 2.2 or drive-cliq interfaces. in conjunction with a safe control, they can be used as single-encoder systems in applications with control category sil 2 (as per en 61508) and with performance level “d” (as per en iso 13849). (drive-cliq is a registered trademark of siemens ag.)

existing non-fs interfaces for amo encoders include fanuc, ssi with 1vpp, biss/c, mitsubishi, and endat (without fs). all these amo encoders have an ip67 rating and can be ordered now.


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