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24 jun,2020

even in the corona crisis, the world of powertrain development does not stand still. mobility and how it is driven remains the central focus of the automotive industry. the aim is to find good solutions in the area of conflict between rising co2 fleet consumption, an exploding number of drive variants and regulatory intervention by the state. many questions are still open here. the companies are therefore pursuing multi-track drive strategies that follow a comprehensive electrification of the drive system in all vehicle classes in order to be well positioned for the future.

with the digital twin of the dritev, online users have access to keynote speeches, networking opportunities and exhibition. in addition to live sessions and live chats with speakers and exhibitors. the international vdi congress "dritev" is one of the world's largest automotive congresses - be part of this community also in virtual space. meet international developers to exchange information about the latest developments in the field of powertrain and transmission. the digital version of dritev takes place june 24-25. register at the website below.


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