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28 jun,2020

firgelli automations recently introduced its new smart synchronous controller for linear actuators. feedback linear actuators are used extensively in industry for applications where precise motion control is required. firgelli has been manufacturing feedback linear actuators for year and its most recent new model named "the bullet series" got its name from the unique inner expansion rod apparatus, which resembles a bullet being pushed out of the barrel of a gun. 

the bullet series features sleek looks and versatility, with some "calibers" of the actuator series offering high-tech options like a built-in hall effect sensor for feedback, which allows for position and speed control. however a smart control box had until now yet to be developed, because firgelli wanted the smart controller to have the ability to accept multiple feedback options, and all work within one controller.  

"we've been coming up with innovative solutions to linear movement problems since 2002, but the smart controller takes firgelli's passion for precision and adds a next-level control to it," says firgelli ceo and founder robbie dickson. "over the years, we've noticed that the uses of our products occasionally put them in products where synchronization is required, so we wanted to make a high-performance smart controller that offers the flexibility to accept different sensor inputs such as hall effect, optical and potentiometer inputs."


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